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Category: Eclipse
2013-08-20 06:06:01

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Developed a plug-in, is to load a program, the program can be started now, but its output can not see. Its output will be automatically redirected to the eclipse console window, or do something to set it? Please enlighten master!

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2013-08-20 06:18:31
Oh, I also learned a trick,
originally debug in!
2013-08-20 06:38:25
ah that he re about
2013-08-20 06:56:29
ah, finally get. Start the program will get a launch object, it can be registered in the debug plugin.
2013-08-20 07:11:23
get a plug-in, you will find, eclpse all resources is so orderly,
always, a change,
or register to which the plug-in look,

you can get some resources,

example, the file changes
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