Find Oracle8i SQLJ Programming Guide

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2013-08-20 05:45:33

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Find Oracle8i SQLJ Programming Guide, to find a lot of places can not find a free download, which can tell the next, or send me an e-version of the most recent company to do to [email protected]
use items to this, urgently, urgently need

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2013-08-20 05:57:28
internal training materials:
one, the latest large-scale New Oriental J2EE training video (New Oriental Senior JAVA training instructor 20G of 6DVD)
Training: Beginner sections (280 hours) + Advanced section (400 hours), a total of 680 hours.
primary section (280 hours)
1). JavaOO program design: J2sdk foundation, Java object-oriented foundation, Java API of use, data structures and algorithms foundation, Java senior class features, exception handling;
2). J2SE Platform Programming: Java AWT GUI application development, Swing graphical programming, Socket network application design, object Serialization, Java commonly used data structures, Applet, advanced I / O streams and file programming, multithreaded programming;
3). Project development: globle get multi-threaded download system ;
4). Java Desktop System Development Project: desktop items, Socket-based chat rooms; databases: SQL, ORACLE9i database management infrastructure;
5). Java Web Application Programming: Java Database Programming: JDBC, JDBC-ODBC Java Web Programming: JSP, Servlet, JavaBean, java application programming server: Tomcat / ... Integrated Development Environment (IDE ): Jbuilder / Eclipse / ... Java application building tools: Apache Ant / ...;
6). Project Development: Mobile meter Fee Accounts Management System
Advanced section (400 hours)
; 1). Linux Initial: Linux basic operations, LINUX Java programs under development, Linux system, a simple management;
2). database-depth programming: PL / SQL; database database programming and database design;
3). Struts, spring, hibernate: Senior Java Web Application Development: an industry standard MVC design pattern, Struts architecture, application internationalization, Struts Taglib;
4). Project Development: Datang task management system;
5). J2ME Programming: Overview of mobile development, J2ME interface programming, J2ME database programming, SMS, multimedia messaging (MMS) development;
6). Java Advanced Programming (J2EE): J2EE architecture, EJB core technology; J2EE mainstream development tools JBuilder, application server WebLogic; Java and XML: XML, Web Service, heterogeneous systems integration, distributed applications;
7). software system architecture design: UML and system modeling and design, Rational Rose, software engineering and software process model, version control;
8). Project Development: China mobile electronic operation and maintenance of the system;
two, Oracle training videos
1.Oracle 9i DBA large Chinese video training video (full) (China IT Certification Lab 13.4G of 4DVD)
* 1Z0-007 Introduction to Oracle9i SQL
* 1Z0-031 Oracle9i DBA Fundamentals I
* 1Z0-032 Oracle9i DBA Fundamentals II
* 1Z0-033 Oracle9i Performance Tuning
PPT slide attached full training script.
full standard Oracle University teaching environment, a senior Oracle Certified Instructor, Training Center of China Telecom Shenzhen database lecturer speaker. Oracle DBA with many years of teaching experience, teaching style, self-contained, logical, structured, easy to explain, informative, practical, and a short time to develop into your senior database specialist.
2.Oracle 10G database training videos (a total of 18 speakers CAS)
three, fast training
IT Project Manager Project Management training videos (Project Manager upgrade must see) (total of 28 episodes Rmvb format 1DVD)

Buy now send
1. Xin Sun XML Web programming development detailed ; (content size 2G 1DVD)
2. Xin Sun J2EE training videos (a total of 76 speakers including source code and PPT slides courseware 1DVD)
the Video focusing on J2EE framework mechanism principles, the content is divided into spring, struts, hibernate, powerdesign four part explain (Spring of 23 speakers, detailed account of the use of spring. Struts 13 speakers, Struts through a complete example to explain the whole process, as and tag library. Hibernate 24 speakers, in-depth explanation of the mechanism of hibernate. PowerDesigner 6 speaking, database modeling to explain the steps and tools.)

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2013-08-20 06:02:30
10g are out now, how also learn 8i ah?
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