How to write macros to achieve ppt annotated text function

Category: Eclipse
2013-08-20 05:40:21

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Such as the title, I want ppt can add text annotations, just like the toolbar comments like, put opinions prompted the mouse seems to write macros and load master to support a move

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2013-08-20 05:46:42
Landlord look Look at this, it seems is to add a hyperlink
2013-08-20 05:53:11
learning, thank you! However, it seems to say or to add hyperlinks to add comments, if I do not want to add a hyperlink want add notes, is there a better way to do it? expect
2013-08-20 05:58:24
2013-08-20 06:10:21
seems to use JS can do
JS is not very proficient . . .
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