Html: radio tag How to get the value passed

Category: Web Develop
2013-08-20 04:57:54

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<html:radio property="" value="${}">
</ html: radio> Men
<html:radio property="" value="${}">
; </ html: radio> Female <br>

value = "$ {}"> have kept from requestScope scope, I want to be a modify the operation, but came
not receive the value of the corresponding button is not selected men and women, how to get him is male, then the male of that button
selected, on the contrary, is a woman, then , then the woman that button to choose

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2013-08-20 05:14:07

//  , value="man",  ,
//  property="",  ?   logic  name ,
<html:radio property="" value="man" <logic:equal value="man" name="student" property="sex">checked="checked"</logic:equal>></html:radio> <br>
<html:radio property="" value="women" <logic:equal value="women" name="student" property="sex">checked="checked"</logic:equal>></html:radio> <br>

2013-08-20 05:26:46

you direct access, sex can get to the value of the selected
2013-08-20 05:33:09
<html:radio property="" value="1">
</ html: radio> M
<html:radio property="" value="2">
</ html: radio> Female <br> ;

follow your wording, in fact, as long as you set in the background value of this property can be, value specified for the two men to a woman, when you back equal to 1 M automatic back-elected, on the contrary empathy! so should be able to fulfill your needs, I wonder if you understand or not
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