JSP Editor Unable to create part report an error?

Category: Eclipse
2013-08-20 04:04:54

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Open report Unable to create part: NULL, opened on a blank page after the show An error has occurred when creating this editor.
log record is:
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org / eclipse / jdt / internal / codeassist / CompletionRequestorWrapper
at com.objectlearn.jdt.j2ee.ui.editor. JSPSourceViewerConfiguration.getContentAssistant (JSPSourceViewerConfiguration.java: 344)
at org.eclipse.jface.text.source.SourceViewer.configure (SourceViewer.java: 321)
My plugins directory without org / eclipse / jdt / internal, eclipse the jdt.jar also no com.objectlearn.jdt.j2ee this package.
I traced the problem to this lost clues.

line also has a lot of people ask this question, the most detailed discussions in the forum myeclipse a post, to come forward by the technical support to answer, but in the end there is no targeted approach, you do not know heroes Is there any merit?

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2013-08-20 04:15:43
may be LOMBOZ keep up the Eclipse version. I have come across. If yes yes Eclipse3.1m5 must use Lomboz3.1, JSP editor can be used.
2013-08-20 04:35:00
version of the problem,
addition, LOMBOZ itself is sometimes the problem
2013-08-20 04:47:17
You are not plug-ins that are not equipped with EMF ah?
2013-08-20 04:58:12
My environment:
eclipse SDK 3.0.2
emf + sdo + xsd 2.0.2
Lomboz 3.0. 1

What solutions do, such as patch or something?
2013-08-20 05:03:44
change, myeclpse it,
LOMBOZ do have this problem,

PS, your version seems to be possible,
the eclipse into 3.01 The try,
if not enough, do not use a LOMBOZ,
LOMBOZ happened once we open the case file,
but others may loom,

Later, all replaced myeclipse the
2013-08-20 05:15:10
Upstairs, MyEclipse for a fee, you are using a genuine copy of it?

landlord to take a look at this address.
2013-08-20 05:33:37
9494 MyEclipse seems to sell 29.99 dollars, I do not know someone bought no?
2013-08-20 05:52:11
Does anyone solved this problem?
2013-08-20 05:57:45
from online presentation eclipse3.0.1 + Lomboz3.0.1 article point of view, many articles have mentioned JSP using JSP Editor to edit the thing, I think, there must be a solution, which answer immediately Results posted
2013-08-20 06:00:30
Use eclipse3.1 + lomboz 3.1 Note versions must match, in addition to other plug-ins require emf + runtime
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