Problem: Custom Events

Category: Java EE
2013-08-20 03:49:35

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I want to custom events, do not want to have GUI, can you? How to achieve ah, the best example

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2013-08-20 03:53:33
expert support a move ah
2013-08-20 03:59:49
very concerned about this issue, I also had a similar idea, but has not gone to think through.
but should be quite complex, and do not know there is no possibility of realization.
event listener
Event Source
object itself, there are several, the key is how to glue them together.
2013-08-20 04:08:44
I think the key is: Is it necessary to modify the event queue problem. Event listeners, event sources say, the event generated a problem. I have a tentative suggestions: Use AWT, but only used to modify the event queue, no interface is used to display
2013-08-20 04:16:38
do not know whether I considered complicated, Oh, no you get points
2013-08-20 04:34:00
depressed themselves to solve Oh
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