hibernate fetching problem

Category: Java EE
2013-08-20 03:06:43

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hibernate fetching divided into four categories, immediate fetching, Lazy fetching, Eager fetching, Batch fetching

My question is, 1. immediate fetching and Eager fetching both what is the difference?
2.HIBERNATE IN ACTION in the Batch fetching is described, we aren't great fans of this approach
eager feching is almost always faster. Batch fetching ; is useful for inexperienced users who whis to
achieve acceptable performance in Hibernate without having to think too hard about the SQL that ; will be
executed. Why is this?

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2013-08-20 03:18:57
1 Please refer to this article
a little difference, and that is accessible manner

2 batch,
can be understood as one of your queries, you read the first line of data, then you read the second line of the likelihood of the data it?
this parameter, it will automatically back up data automatically read speed up your next reading speed, because there is no access to the database, they have come in the last read

general cases, this parameter is bigger would be better, huh, huh! I had always set to 2000-20000, because there are 20 million data.
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