About learning JAVA, comes from DELPHI, hope the wing! Thank you!

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2013-08-20 02:56:07

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I was a DELPHI, and now want to learn to do DELPHI, but for Borland JBuilder's IDE is also familiar, do not know whether such information. Please tell us about! About Java syntax, I am currently reading. I hope you can jbuilder development a "Hello world!" program I will not work, hope enlighten!
Thank you, my mail: [email protected]

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2013-08-20 03:05:38
syntax problem, I think you are all basic, should not have a lot of time can be understood. Important should be learning application framework.
first on the whole a general understanding of the structure of the java platform. Then select a direction of interest, such as j2ee, j2se, etc., in-depth study. For example, learning j2ee, is deep into the core of the class ejb.
Another point, in-depth study of the time, do not forget to always understand the entire framework of rethinking. Also note that some of the object-oriented design, design patterns and the like to understand.
2013-08-20 03:23:30
TO: study_body (seize the day)
not necessarily what is most important, there exists its scope of application!
2013-08-20 03:30:24
/ / ----------- HelloWorld. java
class HelloWorld
public static void main (String [ ] args)
System.out.println ("Hello World!");

/ / Delphi to java, easily!
2013-08-20 03:40:57
I'm with you the same.
2013-08-20 03:46:35
more reading, Servlet most important, of course, basic Java syntax, or must, in addition to master some of the most basic kind, of course, does not back down, do not know when you can use what class the.
2013-08-20 04:04:42
Some things you can not step beyond the bounds, and sometimes need to sink in the heart, looking for a simple book, or to find some basic information online can quickly enter.
2013-08-20 04:24:22
about java, recommended to see "Thinking in Java", especially if you learn to look back over a period of time, you should have experience!
2013-08-20 04:31:45
think in java

more than csdn ask it. Furthermore

look at some source code
2013-08-20 04:49:30
Do not be too particular about IDE ...
multi-jdk may also rewarding. . .
2013-08-20 05:06:07
I was oh, JAVA just turn; expert experience, book! ・ # ・ ¥ # ¥
2013-08-20 05:12:13
to xxyzjf (wall March & Can shelling $):
According to my understanding, programming languages ​​have their similarities Since you have studied DELPHI, JAVA school must have started soon, good work!
2013-08-20 05:19:20
I am also a Delphi -> JAVA, but has participated in projects developed
JAVA and C + + syntax is quite close, you first familiarize yourself with the syntax. After grammar proficiency, it is best to find someone else to take a look at the example of

Thinking in JAVA This book is regarded as classics of course, but I personally think you have the basis for Delphi, it should not be too deep. Such as OOP, polymorphism, RTTI, etc., Delphi and JAVA are similar, Delphi to understand these, JAVA can also be understood
2013-08-20 05:33:36
Learning to learn j2ee ejb core .
2013-08-20 05:52:47
practice, practice, practice is the best way to learn
2013-08-20 05:54:57
xxyzjf (wall March & Can shelling $), man,
you shift from DELPHI JAVA, the exchange of communication,
but I have to because of temporary need JAVA turned from the DELPHI,
wonder if I could ask your advice?
2013-08-20 06:13:28
I like you, but also from DELPHI to JBUILDER, but nearly a year
2013-08-20 06:27:35
Thank you upstairs two of Advice, please tell us what book?
There Servlet is used to do?
2013-08-20 06:33:07
To: NetApple
Can you tell us about the experience!
Thank you!
2013-08-20 06:37:16
TO: iclq
but I was before contact with the java, but you said this book, I would indeed a serious look, because it is very helpful for learning oop!
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