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Category: Java EE
2013-08-20 02:36:16

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How to call server-side method or event ah? Server is JAVABEAN can do? Or if the SERVERLET? Answer 100 points! Will give! !

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2013-08-20 02:50:27
you cite one example, the question is too general, the client is a browser or an application or EJB components it? Too general.
2013-08-20 03:06:07
Oh, SORRY, I did not say clearly: the client is just a browser, but you can use the available APPLET JAVA or other stuff
2013-08-20 03:13:20
was quick to assume that the client client is a browser APPLET friends
2013-08-20 03:17:10
ejb used to encapsulate business processes
servelet used to respond to user request, call ejb
2013-08-20 03:21:59
Example: ; the user enters a server on the system, the number of readily available, I would like to achieve the user to enter the server-side system event, which calls for the other components
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