How to generate jar files ANT

Category: Java Related
2013-08-19 07:37:15

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I do not know how to step, I added an ANT project later, can not generate jar files, please tell me the steps to establish! Thank you! !

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2013-08-19 07:43:16
you can say you know something? You do not know how to use the Ant jar Task do? IDEA also provides a build jar features? You do not know exactly what is required?
2013-08-19 07:46:08
give you an example:
<target name="applet" depends="init">
<delete file="${}/${catalog.applet}" quiet="true"/>
<jar jarfile = "$ {} / $ {catalog.applet}" basedir = "$ {catalog . classbindir} ">
</target> ;
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