I do with java desktop application an idea, please look okay?

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2013-08-19 04:27:47

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Want to use java to do a small program that will be a lot of articles classification rules file and text search, taking into account the ease of installation, as well as security issues, do not want to use the database, but if the text is stored, I want to retrieve is not easy to get, So whim, if made directly to the content of the article constants in class, an article a class, class just use packet structure, retrieval operation class when you can, full-text search using the regular expression can be processed After this treatment, all the class, make a pack everything ok.
but I can not imagine what would be tens of thousands of class situation, retrieval time will not run out of resources, we say that doing so can you? If so, how can we make the retrieval more efficient?
brother thanked in this, I hope you experts to talk about their opinions.

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2013-08-19 04:44:52
how would think so? faint ~ ~ ~
solved by flow ah
2013-08-19 04:58:26
"if made directly to the content of the article constants in class, a post a class "
not as an article a file it
2013-08-19 05:15:17
dqsailor can elaborate on how to solve it with the flow?
cpu if an article a file, read the file every time, it does not even bother you? Another problem is how to let others can not get a text file, encryption should be no use, and encrypted search will be difficult, but if you turn into a class, as long as a good source protection, safety issues can be resolved.
2013-08-19 05:33:12
Halo, in the end there is no one way csdn
2013-08-19 05:41:12
Articles can be saved as xml
2013-08-19 05:44:24
saved as xml the way I thought, but I want to read and then parse the file, when a large number of searches will soon not guarantee, and how to let others do not get xml source file, if you can not guarantee the security of the data file, and no one can take away, it is better to use excel, and operate much more convenient
2013-08-19 05:59:44
your demanding data security?
that you put data on the class, so data security is the worst, someone can decompile your class, what data can be seen.
2013-08-19 06:16:40
brother again gives a solution:
1, each file to make cars an xml file, xml file text content are encrypted and stored.
2, according to the documents xml class to create one or more of the pieces of the total directory, the file formats include the general file name, author, time, content keywords.
3, the xml package using java api implementation file (the second step of the xml file) to quickly retrieve similar (RSS), so you can follow the file name, author, document to retrieve the keywords appear.
4, you need to have encryption, decryption class, every file in read or write the file, will be part of the document (author, title, keywords) to decrypt, and then match
2013-08-19 06:19:27
disaggregated into the article Calvary folder on the disk, and then retrieved when the window comes with the search function. Do not do this kind of thing, and done you will not use. Do not believe we bet
2013-08-19 06:31:46
First of all thank you upstairs, for HitXU (day without learning, keep up with Liu Shaoqi) comments, I think so, if the data on the class unsafe, then then the data somewhere else even more unsafe, if we adopt fhgu (Iraq compulsory service) said encrypted data, in others decompiled class, found a way to decrypt, of course, no secret at all, the same way other encryption is the same reason, even if you own the source code can not guarantee security, then the security is even more out of the question the other, so that data security is built on The security source above, we are here to discuss the security of the data, there is no natural source put security into account, it already is another problem.
very grateful thank you fhgu (Iraq compulsory service) of the proposal, I also think that using the xml approach is a viable option, it is not, I will try to use this Methods.
but I still think my idea is feasible, because the data is not required to dynamically add, once made packaging that is used, so the data on the class is a good yet way, so do not need to study encryption and decryption, just find a way to protect your source code to the contrary, if you have no way to ensure the safety of your source, even if done better encryption futile.
2013-08-19 06:41:22
I think the article into a stream form is relatively better, but you have to design a good, now I made projects have similar operations, but you want the file format designed, It depends on yours,
2013-08-19 06:45:29
What is the significance this stuff? What are the benefits?

On the retrieval efficiency, I can absolutely say that you definitely can not keep up the database.

of full-text search, and I am responsible for that, your algorithm to do, however lucene.

say data security, I would think that the database is a better solution.

easy to install? Did not need to install the database files directly, this thing is a long history than rdbms, do not you heard?

class is the most serious is the proprietary file formats, you do so, other applications How to use your data?
they have to make compromises, kneeling in front of you, rely on you botched socket or web service to get the data, go their own treatment?
worldwide effort to harmonize data formats, accessible sharing what you prodding?

xml? Are you able to endure the annoying xPath and xQuery? xml file is always, multi-user concurrent access how do you do? 20 users simultaneously access a file what would happen? How to ensure data consistency? How to implement transaction? After the system large, distributed how to do? Association between multiple files, constraints how do?
2013-08-19 06:56:00
What is the significance this stuff? What are the benefits?
advantage is not the database. What are the disadvantages database that advantages of this method.
system after a large, distributed, how to do?
distribution is precisely the strengths xml

I also recommend using xml. With sax, dom, jdom need to consider carefully the kind of analytical method.

Do not just think, whenever you can do it. Can we do anything is always the first to get what benefits you think? Of course, there are serious things to do, then do not do it.
2013-08-19 07:05:57
do, then you can use fhgu approach.

but really does not make any sense.

google desktop search. . . . .
2013-08-19 07:22:17
to be easy to install, use the database you can use Derby, pure Java database, copy the entire directory is the installation of the past.
runs directly in the DriverManager.getConnection () in the development of database on where, if it is a read-only database operations more simple, put the database directory packaged into Jar on the line, 2 methods are not installed, you will support the time being when you use a JDBC-like operating a regular file folder on the line.
2013-08-19 07:40:21
Welcome to J2EEQQ group 14672911 You will learn more things.
2013-08-19 07:49:35
article can also be saved with the class Yeah, although the idea is somewhat absurd ^ - ^
You can use the java serialization mechanism to serialize java class save to your hard drive, you can use the time read out.
As for retrieval, you can use java reflection mechanism, find the class names, field names, variable names, and so on. Then run the method to get called when the text content, abstracts, etc.
2013-08-19 07:54:49
trendy ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
2013-08-19 08:09:41
with CyberArticle it, you do something worthless
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