How record user operations on files? Thank you

Category: Java Related
2013-08-19 02:08:45

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Office has several computers on the server with a shared space, everyone's files are in here, but now there is this demand is to design a simple software that can record all users in this shared space for file operations: upload, delete, modify, view, to get this task I have not got a clue, the time gave me two months, halo you can give me a direction, thank you! ! !

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2013-08-19 02:20:12
Top expert help facie Thank
2013-08-19 02:22:22
can consider the address stored in the database file or files in a variety of operations set a different flag.
2013-08-19 02:35:32
upload, delete, modify, to say can be considered FileWatch, is similar in. NET FileWatcher functional components of the directory to monitor, but the browser is not clear
2013-08-19 02:42:06
Make a j2ee web site. Let each user login operation. As for the upload, delete, you can use the Struts upload component is completed. Browse, then browse directly available browsers.
Then, in the Action can record user actions stored in the database log table.
2013-08-19 02:44:11
Set ACL audit ACE, so that any person will have access to the file operating system automatically records
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