May I ask how to achieve J2ME goto command??

Category: J2ME
2013-08-19 12:43:58

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I decompile a. class, can be found there are many goto instruction, how to deal with it? ?

Thank you very much!!

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2013-08-19 12:56:11
As mentioned above, I used it. But then I do not use it, because this reduces souce not obvious, and does not meet our statute. After also encountered very complex for loop, you need certain conditions, jump to a specific place to go, I now use some flag variables while to achieve the same effect
2013-08-19 01:02:13
no goto
2013-08-19 01:19:34
java is no goto statement, C #, there!
2013-08-19 01:27:23
/ / .....;
/ / in the loop or switch using
break label;
2013-08-19 01:46:36
After compiling the program may obfuscate processed through, so there is so much confusion goto
obfuscate the purpose is to let you decompile get is a bunch of garbage, so you can not see understand
2013-08-19 02:06:11
java has goto I want to know what
2013-08-19 02:22:53
Which I goto replace it with what instructions? ? ?
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