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Category: J2ME
2013-08-19 12:30:25

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Eclipse development kjava the j2me game.
eclipseme has been installed, but did not specify the wtk option ah.
there, eclipse of j2me what kind of engineering structures, the newly established projects are doing.
best to have detailed documentation.
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2013-08-19 12:45:17
put eclipseme folder to the plugins directory, do not mistake the path, they will not automatically detect the plugin;
setup steps See docs;

2013-08-19 01:04:35
can watch comes docs ah
which was very detailed too
2013-08-19 01:18:12
"Window" -> "Show View" -> "other" -> "J2ME" -> ......
2013-08-19 01:30:13
That may be a question of your plugin
Some plug-ins do not work, even the eclipseme0.1.0 + eclipse2.1.12 + wtk2.0.1 + jdk1.4.2

you can look at the documentation that comes with, look at the specific requirements.
2013-08-19 01:32:19
look at the options, there are no plug-ins that you have installed.
If the installation is unsuccessful, then a start will be prompted.
so it should be set up where you have a problem. A closer look at the documentation
luck! !
2013-08-19 01:47:07
I did not care
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2013-08-19 01:50:28
to heaven
other has no j2me ah
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