jbuilder2005 retarded type adaptive smart tips

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2013-08-19 12:07:03

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Borland JBuilder 2005 increases in wiseacre "type adaptive intelligent prompt" function, perhaps the name was less precise, its function is this: in the original class methods / fields intelligent complementary functions automatically according to the type of request only display the corresponding types of methods / fields. For example, String a = jLabel. Then only display JLabel class method returns a value of type String / Field; Another example jLabel.setText (); function requires a Strinig types of variables, in which you write something It will only come out the return type is String methods / fields.

roughly appears to be a good idea, but on second thoughts come in practical applications will be very limited, so will no doubt bring a lot of problems: Maybe I need a function can not step out, and This situation is often the majority ...... This is really a smart aleck feature!

more intolerable is that if you do not want to nod from the inside after the first, and so on their own after the write method, jb automatically think that the right way to use it to give you cover, and let white people write again, it is too time-consuming, are used to jbx, accidentally stuck to.

there is no way you can get rid of this feature, it can not stand up, save my brother, right, and sometimes really want to curse, which mentally added this feature it

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2013-08-19 12:21:29
Halo, you switch off the line. tools-preference-codeinsight
2013-08-19 12:41:11
how will overwrite it, I did not use this.
2013-08-19 01:00:57
Thank kingfish
finally feels comfortable some
2013-08-19 01:10:27
made a brother of soon to kingfish Yeah!
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