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Category: J2ME
2013-08-19 02:22:31

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I use MOTOROLAT720, mobile games Why do my lower left corner of a View menu command is called "MENU" it? ? ? I want him to change how characters change? ? Also, in the menu are SELECT, CANCEL, I also want to replace the characters, how to change ah? ? Help ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ `` partakers

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2013-08-19 02:41:27
Brothers, I have encountered this problem, I was doing on the 388. I guess this is no way to change, because in the Siemens m55, display the "Options" instead of menu, so I think it is the various different support j2me manufacturers, developers no way.

such as scroll up and down, if you have a static text box, the content more than one screen, the m55, there is a button to automatically scroll, and in 388, I do not know how to scroll, reportedly To operate its two hard buttons
2013-08-19 03:10:00
is the system comes,
because your command more than two, it automatically add in the following menu, the command is displayed in
2013-08-19 03:30:47
no way
2013-08-19 03:48:15
I do not know, if it is before the program is run menu, is powerless to modify, and if the program is running, and not all of what you set . Unless you copy someone else's souce, not any understanding, it does not know.
2013-08-19 04:22:02
This is our people to do before, and now I want to give him the backside: (
I searched all the files, why not MENU, SELECT, CANCEL COMMAND these three do?? ??
help ah
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