sqlj programming problems (oracle)

Category: Java SE
2013-08-04 09:28:09

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PB wrote some recent business moves Oracle server, using Java stored procedures, encounter the following problems:
1.Oracle a char and varchar2 association problem:
select xxx from table_name where column_name (char type) = String (Java's String class)
general is unable to get to the data, while in PB This code is not the problem. only String variable After the additional space required if the database table after the char type to varchar2, these codes will rewrite, but with trim (column_name) can not be used in the index, I do not know what a good solution.
2. parameter references return the problem: Database Programming often have to return a String or Date type, for the String type available StringBuffer type variable return values, and I do not know what is good for the Date type method
3. Moreover, under the Oracle SQLJ Programming with JDeveloper is the best, but its version control bit do not understand, I do not know anyone more familiar with this stuff.

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