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2013-07-02 11:06:30

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You hit it, kick to the sub.

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2013-07-02 11:13:23
interface is mainly used where
I put our company's framework tell you about the

Our company mainly deal with SMS, which is sp (SMS Service Provider Business)

message sent by the user there are many, such as game1, then he should meet the business logic of a game, it should be by the module 1 to deal with, game2 assuming modules to handle, and so forth.

processing procedures, by a large frame and a lot of business modules.
frame read user information, send a good message service module, as the number of business modules, the framework does not know.
all business modules are required to implement an interface,
public interface InfoProcess {
boolean InfoParseFirst (Info info, DBAccess dbo); / / parse the first major consideration special service with the message meaning
Info is the user data class, dbo is the database operating unit.

module InfoParseFirst
inside INFO messages as long as the right judgment, if it is your own message processing and return true, otherwise returns false.

framework initialization, read the database module information
such a service module class name
then The number of rs array of interfaces
construct a InfoParseFirst through classforname ("");
load all business modules

Framework runtime I get a user message, the interface array polls because they are InfoProcess
so there InfoParseFirst method.

Therefore, the framework do not care what business module inherits class, just know that he realized InfoProcess interface, and has InfoParseFirst can call on ok

With interfaces, framework developers do not care, how to write business module, and the service module developers can concentrate on developing business modules.

This is the interface where the meaning of the word

j2ee technology is in fact the same as now, the framework is the app server, such as weblogic
interface standard is sessionbean, entirybean what .
business modules is that you write ejb
ejb they meet sessionbean, entirybean standards, can be used appserver

I write so much, if you feel useful, hey, In fact, 100 points is enough
2013-07-02 11:15:33
typing speed pretty fast
2013-07-02 11:34:02
how kind, helpful, then paste it on the mortgage, as well as on a
2013-07-02 11:46:37
on one will not give you points, and points to other people, you do not mind, right?
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you all up to you,
absract Did not I say that clear?
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