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Category: Java SE
2013-06-02 10:46:40

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1, create a program for the two integer values ​​and an operator stored in the corresponding variable, and perform the necessary operations (using the switch statement)
requirements: 1) Create a class and define the main method. 2) declare two integer variables and a character variable used to store two operands and an operator. 3) Use switch case statement to perform the necessary operations, and outputs the result.

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2013-06-02 10:54:42
books do not tell you? MG had something to eat other people a lot of flavor?
2013-06-02 10:58:48
such a simple thing, and those who helped you've just killed you.
2013-06-02 11:16:36
your request is that you write a program approach ah, but also to help others, you yourself why?
2013-06-02 11:26:41
94, agreed statement upstairs.
I think we do not want this to become readily available local bar code transaction.
2013-06-02 11:35:07
not a technical problem! ! ! Refused to answer
2013-06-02 11:43:47
I was a beginner, this topic is very good for me, today just done this using DELPHI title, today I try to do something with JAVA.
2013-06-02 11:51:35
I'd like to answer! However, do not understand what you said (my IQ is notoriously low-ah ~ ~ ~ ~). If you can understand that point, then perhaps I would point!
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