About eclipse version of the problem!

Category: J2ME
2008-09-25 12:14:50

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I want to use eclipse to do J2ME development of the Internet to find a lot. There are 3.1. There are 3.2. I

official under a eclipse europa

me at configuration time, WTK2.5, eclipseME 1.7.9 .. also successfully configured. .

I am a novice, you would like to ask. This can be done eclipse europa J2ME developers do?

eclipse europa with 3.1 and 3.2 What is the difference?

Thank you!

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2008-09-25 12:33:08
Of course you can develop, thou art become equipped asked A.
eclipse europa is the European version of the A.
2008-09-25 12:43:42
Oh, upstairs justified, in addition, you can go to the official website of Eclipse differences between the various versions, so you can be more in-depth knowledge and understanding.
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