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2009-02-23 04:38:51

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Will the use of java language how to generate reports it?

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2009-02-23 05:16:44
online to search JFreeChart
2009-02-23 05:46:43
2009-02-23 06:09:38
What statement is a PDF or Excel,
2009-02-23 06:25:07
What kind of reports
2009-02-23 06:45:01
Download displaytag
2009-02-23 07:20:06
PDF report what, Excel and what tools do?
2009-02-23 07:48:49
PDF to use a special package to generate PDF: itext-2.0.4.jar, iTextAsian.jar

Excel Excel generated with a special package: poi-3.0-rc4-20070503 . jar
yourself to check online usage
2009-02-23 08:11:19
Okay, receive! ! Thank
2009-02-23 08:26:21
iReport can create both PDF and Excel.
2009-02-23 08:35:04
Domestic excellent report controls - ATGrid Report Controls
======== ======================================
Official Website technical support : 258389665
download address:
------------------------------------- ------------
ATGrid Report Controls Controls in ETCell statements based on the introduction of the second generation of control statements, is a fully object-oriented reporting component.
ATGrid in function to make a significant improvement relative ETCell:
ETSet support multiple data sets
support seven sub-objects, the smallest object to the cell
supports 33 kinds of cell data types
support any complex formatting report data show
supports 23 kinds of charts showing
; extension xml support, operational data more flexible and convenient
improved printing capabilities, better support for piling, continuous printing, collated printing
offers ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, PHP class library assembly dedicated to improve the development efficiency
--------------------------------- ---------------------
Try Now ATGrid Report Control Download:
; example demonstrates & source download
----------------------------- ----------------------------------

ATGrid Report Control Function
1, the design report design, generate a template file
special report template designer, visual design report design

ATGrid report controls are designed device - wintable report designer, to design report templates. wintable using WYSIWYG design mode, Excel-style user interface, easy to use. You can directly import an Excel spreadsheet file can also be exported into an Excel file ATGrid statements, html files, xml files.

supports packet, cross, column, and other complex statements

ATGrid report controls built using tabular reports, convenient and flexible data model advanced, can support multiple variable-length data sets, supports horizontal and vertical expansion, support groups, cross, column, and other complex reports.

supports 23 chart show the way

ATGrid statements control supports pie charts, line charts, bar charts and other 23 kinds of charts show the way In a report can have both reports and charts can be greatly enriched the report data show the way, increasing the readability of the report.

support buttons, drop-down lists, date, and other multi-line text control effect, supporting accounting header, table view and many other special effects

ATGrid report controls provide 33 kinds of cell data types, including numbers, text, password, buttons, dates, lists, etc., also including accounting table header, table view and other special types. Use ATGrid can exhibit complex reports design.

2, data manipulation
has standardized xml data format

ATGrid report controls provide xml data interface supports data format specification compliance ATGrid xml data. ATGrid Report Controls data xml format compatible ETcell statements control data formats.

built-in communication interface, strong support for the HTTP protocol daemon can easily interact

ATGrid report controls provide built-in communication interface, you can sent by post or get inside the form data or xml data, you can receive the returned data. Data for the report to interoperate with other programs provide good support to achieve the separation of data and specifications.

using Alias ​​Alias ​​technology, the cell can be individually manipulate data

ATGrid report controls the cell via an alias data operation, greatly increasing the flexibility and scalability.

advanced data model, supports two data sets - AliasSet and ETSet

ATGrid statements control model supports two data sets, One is AliasSet, equivalent to a record; One is ETSet, equivalent to more than one set of records. In ATGrid report controls can be operated directly on the data set to improve the ease of programming.

ATGrid Report Controls support formula

ATGrid Report Controls support and Excel compatible formulas between cells can be automatically calculated.

3, control
programming interface supports multiple development languages ​​

supports a variety of common development languages ​​such as JSP, ASP, ASP.NET, C #, PHP, VB, VC + +, Delphi, C + + Builder, PowerBuilder, Java and so on.

support for VBScript, JavaScript

scripts using JavaScript or VBScript for web programming, you can easily achieve interactive browser side effects.

object oriented programming

ATGrid is a fully object-oriented report controls, consistent object-oriented programming ideas, supporting seven sub-objects , the smallest object to the cell, which greatly facilitates object-oriented programming.

provide hundreds of development interface

ATGrid provide hundreds of development interface, can flexibly design, data, events control.

4, printout
print settings

can follow the print The need for flexible settings, including page margins, paper size, orientation, print preview interface customization, printing ratio of the size, form lines are printed, whether adaptive paper, whether to print the report background color, whether to print cell background, whether collated printing.

statements Taoda

can follow a predetermined format, set whether to print the report form lines, cells whether to print, to meet the needs Taoda .

page Print

can set a fixed table top a variety of special effects, when too much data out of a sheet of paper, you can make collated printing.

adaptive paper to print statements can automatically scale to fit the paper size, filled with whole sheets of paper to print automatically adapt .

exporting files in other formats

ATGrid reports can be exported Excel, html, xml and other file formats. Export to Excel files, statements formulas, data, along with the design will automatically exported.

Report Controls Reporting Tool reports plugin web report plugin. net C # jsp php asp reporting component Taoda report printing grouping continuous printing export excel
2009-02-23 08:37:12
Why do I use JasperReport dynamically generate PDF reports can be generated in HTML format The report did not show it? Is not prepared for it and where?
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