Transmission of data between servers, please heroes wing!

Category: Web Develop
2012-12-02 10:37:09

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For example, I have a query from the database mailbox user name and password, and can not be achieved in the local log directly into the mailbox after the submission of the page after it? If you can, please give pointers about how to do that? Thank you, the

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2012-12-02 10:53:57
Communications Department can be seen landing system interface (similar to the index) of the source file, the arguments submitted to take over for use in your system a try.
2012-12-02 11:30:31
know the mailbox login username password servlet and the parameters passed to the servlet is ready.
2012-12-02 11:59:00
Thank you upstairs friends ^ _ ^
However, the data is on the local server, but the E-mail server in another, how the data transfer between the two servers ? Also, I was ignorant of the server where the mailbox (for example, 163 mailboxes), do not know the servlet and Mail Login Username Password parameter, so to achieve it?
2012-12-03 12:37:57
See mailbox landing is not what you want.
2012-12-03 01:03:37
ah almost like features but I do not understand the principle can advise about what? Thank
2012-12-03 01:41:58
See page source code to take over his try, huh.
2012-12-03 01:58:00
Oh, I get it, but this is still a little different from what I do if I want a car brands direct landing page it into the Department of Communications ; that the server and the like are not clear we supposed to do?
2012-12-03 02:23:07
Department of Communications Server that you want to ask some of the situations, so a little better.
2012-12-03 02:59:32
or know how to submit his landing page.
2012-12-03 03:38:31
ah thank you that if you do not know each server there is no way to achieve a situation, right? ? ? ? ? ?
2012-12-03 04:08:34
But in my submission on the system is less than the Department of Communications Server ah, so useless it should be changed?
2012-12-03 04:48:16
Tell me your server can access not? It certainly can be.
2012-12-03 05:23:21
can ah, but I do not how to achieve specific ah? Can explain in detail, preferably with relevant code reference to me, thank you
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