Ask some questions about developing plug-ins

Category: Eclipse
2012-08-29 06:30:29

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I want to know something about plug-in development issues.

like TOMCAT like relatively easy to use plug-in, if I already have a version that runs under the Eclipse2.1,
now I have to let it supports 3.1, you need to modify What? Workload is not? How to modify? ?

hope experienced people talk about the upgrade plugin issue. Thank you.

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2012-08-29 06:33:01
you are not talking about the plug-in development right
If you are using the plug-in is supported by 2.1, then it must have the corresponding version 3.1
2012-08-29 06:37:40
Uping ... ..
2012-08-29 06:40:39
Of course, I actually want to modify the plugin only supports 2.1, is Enhydra.
2012-08-29 06:44:38
not need to make changes, because this plug-in is used within the company

Upstairs you have MSN? I want you to learn Discuss 3.1 plug-in development issues okay?

My MSN: [email protected]

please contact me okay?
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