About j2ee version and the eclipse version of the problem

Category: Eclipse
2009-01-16 02:22:18

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about these bars, seems to have versions of the matching problem, ah, up to the people can probably say something. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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2009-01-16 02:42:15
What a mess .. LZ you know what you are asking yourself? I think you are right to know these terms.
2009-01-16 03:00:51
. . Even a novice really, most recently with the eclipse, found too many plug-ins, mainly MyEclipse and lombozstruts There are several versions, and J2EE, EJB seems to have a lot of versions, would probably ask weblogic, WebSphere, Tomcat ....... Environment ......... with a headache, perhaps version mismatch problems, there may be devoted to this matching relationship site, so ask,
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