I'm looking for "ITMSC ()" This friend, (about corba side)

Category: Java Related
2012-03-14 01:05:54

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I am learning corba have a few questions, I have seen your success to help others solution this problem does someone
, I am very
I need your help now jbuilder + bes5 (with visibroker for java), I am now after the IDL compiler generates HelloPOA.java (not _TestImplBase.java), how to write server-side code, client code forging how to write, write a demo that you can view it,
example module HelloApp {
interface Hello {
string sayHello ();

as an example
hope your recovery

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2012-03-14 01:09:05
You can use google search about the
I have ever seen in the online
In the "java programming ideas" which seems to have
but comes with a java jidl
2012-03-14 01:16:18

I built calcsimpl.idl, can not find the compiler, each compiler, jbuilder prompted
idl2java-no_examples-package calcsimpl-root_dir "E: \ JAVA project file \ Testing \ calcsimpl \ classes \ Temporary_Files" "E: \ JAVA project file \ Testing \ calcsimpl \ src \ calcsimpl \ calcsimpl.idl"

"calcsimpl.idl": Invocation Error. Check your CORBA configuration using Tools | Enterprise Setup ... | CORBA. Also ; check IDL settings on the Project | Project Properties | Build | IDL page

but with the following JDK idlj . exe calcsimpl.idl able to compile. I do not know kettyblack (ketty) is how set up? Teach me ah.
2012-03-14 01:35:36
your question I do not know, but I have no problem ah
hope you
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