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2012-03-03 01:23:04

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There are many user needs amounts of income and expenses, and some can be fixed, and some are dynamic additions and deletions of users.
These fixed payments and dynamically increased at a standard time period will vary charges or expenses, these payments should be monthly income or expenses by the above time period calculated by the standard,
questions are, how treatment is better:
1. in user interface design and how to arrange the user to dynamically set the amount of money and time and other information related to the starting and ending frames.
2. how to design a database table structure in order to save these time periods to calculate income or expenditure standard monthly receivable / support.
3. How to fixed monthly payments and dynamic payments receivable by the row variable column, as in the following format (fixed amount a fixed amount 2 ... Dynamic payments a dynamic payments 2. ..)

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2012-03-03 01:25:31
document driven method to do the interface.

costs and income: Record expenses and income
Fees and income occurs documents: Record expenses occurred and details, confirmation, fill in data transfer costs and income statement results

various occurrence statistics
2012-03-03 01:43:13
This is a design problem, and JAVA What is the relationship that
2012-03-03 01:57:08
-many table with a bar ......
2012-03-03 02:11:19
Table structure (user ID, date, money received and expended direction, amount), primary key (user ID, date, money received and expended direction)

so that it is more reasonable

2012-03-03 02:25:06
Table Structure (user ID, date, amount due, should be supported), primary key (user ID, date, amount)
2012-03-03 02:28:07
Table Structure (user ID, date, money, income branch direction, amount), primary key (user ID, date, money received and expended direction)

so that it is more reasonable

2012-03-03 02:47:16
Here are further discussed .
system is the taxi company's financial management software, drivers should pay a monthly management fee (copies of money), personal income taxes, payroll and other fixed payments with the oil fill, each company may have some of their own income or issuing payments, all payments should be sent monthly accounts or contracting with the driver of the vehicle type (Beverly, Charade), frequency (one contractor and two contracting), this contract under the gold standard for how long, and other related open , there may be special circumstances such relief.

one. Interface Issues
1. changes in the vehicle when the driver as contracting, shift changes, want to have a user-friendly interface to enter a fixed amount and Dynamic monthly payments in a period of time counted by 30 days the amount receivable standards, as well as updating the original standard deadlines.
such as the use pop-filled dynamic interface, but the user dynamically due to ten (maximum) , the input operation may be inconvenienced, more time-consuming.

two. Database Table Structure
1. Dynamic and static as divided into two tables, logical coupling decreases, but the user is returned to the user in the data processing on the interface is usually all amounts receivable arrangement, that is divided into two tables to the press in January there are multiple Standard accounts receivable period calculation increases very difficult. In addition, except for some cross-annual or quarterly payments to pay, dynamic and static monthly income / expenditure amounts, has a strong affinity.

three. Become columns and rows in a database table structure problem
drivers' files in the tables are stored by rows, as follows:
such as vehicles Id, driver Id, money Id, amounts receivable, FromDate, EndDate,
but has returned to the user interface is quite good due to the order line is returned to the user in the following format:
fixed payments a fixed amount 2 ... 1 Dynamic Dynamic payments due 2 ...
this is a common problem, has been solved, but the design must consider how the structure can be more convenient get the results in the form above.

four. These are just a receivable input and statistical problems, in fact, there was actually received input and statistical problems with the bill printing problems, fortunately has not yet appeared multistage problems, such as parent amount is the sum of multiple sub-class, ; these may be often encountered financial accounting software, I did not come into contact with such software and design, please enlighten me not stingy expert.

2012-03-03 03:01:13
Business Description and Preliminary Design:
taxi company drivers receive or send all payments, these payments are fixed or a user dynamically increase or decrease.

payments table:
name of revenue and expenditure amounts Id payment system entry direction
1 fixed amount a fixed amount received is
2 2 is
101 dynamic No
102 payments a dynamic payments received 2 No

fixed amounts due according to the following table (Table driving operators) to calculate
CarId DriverId a fixed amount Fixed payments two fixed payments 3 FromDate EndDate
2 2 3000 6000 9000 2005 -1 -1 2005-1-10
2 2 6000 9000 12000 2005-1-11 2005 -1-31
1 1 1500 1800 2400 2004 -1-1 2099-12 - 31

other amounts due according to the following table (other receivables Table) to calculate the amount of
CarId Driver ID payment amount FromDate EndDate
2 2 101 300 2005 - 1-1 2005-1-10
2 2 101 360 2005 -1-11 2099-12-31
2 2 102 900 2000 -1-1 2099-12-31
1 1 101 120 2000 -1-1 2099-12-31

rebate for table
CarId DriverId amount of money Id relief relief years
2 2 1 100 200501
2 2 2 10 200501

receivable detail query results format is as follows (in fact, should be calculated exemptions and received): (2005-1 months)
CarId DriverId Branch funds a solid car service payments two solid move money a fixed amount .. 2 ..
2 2 1 Beverly ; dual-Ban 1000 +4000 2000 +6000 100 +240 900
1 1 2 Charade single class 1500 ; 1800 120 0

table structure amounts paid amounts Id
CarId DriverId YearMonth amount
2 2 200501 1 4000
2 2 200501 1 500
2 2 200501 101 100

Paid detail query and receivables symmetry:

1. payments standard setup user interface design how it is convenient, fixed payments and other disbursements standards with standards set most convenient for you?
2. paid or drivers license number when user input numbers due out after carriage return, a fixed amount of money and still, the interface and how the design was kindness and unity?
3. One can receive multiple car driver or a driver all amounts paid for such a statement to the insert many records, which would have a negative questions?
4. After the closing of one or more drivers all payments after the printing on the invoice to reflect all payments received multiple drivers with the total number and other relevant information on the invoice print design is not good to do ah!
5. the dynamic sum payments are fixed amounts uniform numbers table management, operator receivable, relief and better paid when handling this design right?

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