People brought together by the common and corba, please explain!

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2012-03-02 06:09:19

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Together 5.0 ------ specialized UML for Java designed specifically for Java system analysis and design tools.

corba Common Object Request Broker Architecture
corba and com are similar for Component reuse.
The main difference between these two standards is that they implement the interface methods: com provides series component must implement the interface component object interactions via these interfaces must be all of these interfaces must be derived from the base interface iunknown; corba base class is not specified, the manufacturers according to their own wishes to achieve its own class .
com and corba Another difference is that the realization of the different treatment of inheritance, implementation inheritance that is object-oriented technology is achieved using the class hierarchy of class inheritance. Interface inheritance is a class hierarchy that can not rely on the ability of the reusable object interface, it reflects the oo in the concept of encapsulation. Microsoft will disagree, it considers the implementation inheritance is applied to the object model of the interaction is not appropriate to go so com only supports interface inheritance does not support implementation inheritance.

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2012-03-02 06:13:23
corba an important concept
interface definition language (idl)
corba idl used to describe the object interface, idl is a declarative language, its syntax is similar to c + + .
idl supplied data types: basic data types, structure types, template types, and complex types, operating instructions. These types can be used to define the argument types and return type, operating instructions can be used to define an object to provide services.
idl also offers modular construction, which can contain the interface, and the interface is idl various types of the most important, in addition to its description corba object, it can also be used as an object reference type.
idl provides an interface inheritance, derived interface can continue Chengqi Ji class interface defined operation and type. idl interface inheritance has its particularity, not repeat them here.
In short, corba idl is a declarative language for describing object-oriented systems development followed by the separation of interface and implementation of the basic principles.
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