break statement

Category: Java SE
2012-02-08 03:36:36

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My dear friend, who can tell me how to use the break statement
I mean without a label with a label and when in the end how to use?

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2012-02-08 03:46:42
without a label will jump for, while, do loops, many beginners will if it counted, but this is wrong. Like when a label with basic, which marked jump which, though rarely so write a good program.

switch in addition to the frequent use of break outside
switch (i) {
case 1:
;/ / your code
case 2:
/ / another code
/ / some code

loop is also commonly used to force out break to speed up
2012-02-08 03:55:03
represents good is to jump directly on behalf of label at.
unlabeled just jump outside the loop layer closest
2012-02-08 03:58:02
Thank you, thank you for teaching
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