Eclipse plug-ins installed on the question of international

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2011-04-06 02:51:45

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Original is MyEclipse
now use the Eclipse
original use MyEclipse International also do when the time comes with a plug-in, can Chinese converted to U code
Now it does not have this plug-in with Eclipse, and is now seeking an international plug. Thank you!

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2011-04-06 02:53:59
you can download an international plug, which is the download address:

installation is also very simple: MyEclipse installation directory can be placed directly into the plugins folder below;
For example my installation directory is c: \ Program Files \ MyEclipse 5.5 M 2 \ so I installed after extracting the files in the following directory:
C: \ Program Files \ MyEclipse 5.5 M2 \ eclipse \ plugins

restart MyEclipse can,

second way: also available in C: \ Program Files \ MyEclipse 5.5 M2 \ eclipse \ links folder link below to create a suffix for the file, which can refer to the original configuration;
specify the folder to store plugin plugins directory can be!
2011-04-06 03:13:21
JInto, check online now!
2011-04-06 03:18:30
MyEclipse as it is put into the Eclipse plug-in installed on OK
I have installed this way also saves a lot of plug-ins you want to install it, such as j2ee plugins are saved
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