Human Resource Management System which modules

Category: Web Develop
2011-04-04 04:01:53

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I was doing a human resources management system
addition to
system file management system

; training management
Recruitment Management
financial statements
compensation management
mobility management
incentive management
there are those who ask the main module, I would like to expand expand ......

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2011-04-04 04:11:50
Performance Management
attendance management
2011-04-04 04:23:03
Rights Management
2011-04-04 04:31:27
user management, privilege management, then included in the system set up inside
Performance Management including those aspects of it
2011-04-04 04:38:15
modern human resources management system, have developed a lot of functionality, the Division of Human Resources Management System have over twenty modules, but I only use Attendance Management .
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