Neighborhoods: Form Properties Usage

Category: Web Develop
2011-02-04 12:34:29

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<body class="tempbody" onload="checkAll();doSubmit('search')">
<html: form style = "margin: 0px" action = ""
target = "enterpriseWin">
<html:hidden property="action" value="" />
<html:hidden property="corpID" value="" />
<html: hidden property = "nowPage" value = " "/>
<html:hidden property="itemPerPage" value="" />
ask for advice: I'm just getting started js now being an internship, do not understand a lot of things in this code inside the onload, target, hidden and property attributes are mean ah? How to use it? Jiqiu answer! Less thank you!

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2011-02-04 12:42:53
body's onload specified method to be called after the page is fully loaded.
hidden hidden fields that can be used to hide do not want users to see things
property is struts tag problem with js okay
2011-02-04 12:54:47

landlord has said very clear
2011-02-04 12:58:06
This is struts form ah
see a concrete floor, said
2011-02-04 01:09:25
Look on the first floor, the first floor of the explanation is in place!
2011-02-04 01:16:05
hidden how do you say, is, and text (that you know), almost, but not necessary for the user to display, but it will have to use your program, so using hidden fields (essentially the same, and text), as property that you have in your project should be able to find a formbean, this form corresponds to a property that is that formbean (corresponding formbean and contact the appropriate form) field properties You can so easily understandable
As <html:hidden .../> fact, that is normal html inside <hidden/> just in a struts html tags ; the beginning of the page you should have a <% @ taglib ..... struts-html.tld%> probably those of the
lz experience made me think of themselves beginning of that period Experience
2011-02-04 01:32:02
Thank you very much! I probably understand! But also in the further practice to explore! Special thanks to the 1st and 5th floor of the two brother!
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