JBUILDER9, why do always find the help file that comes with it?

Category: Java Related
2011-01-07 06:39:33

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There is only an index, no content ah!

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2011-01-07 06:55:38
download version JB separately and then download and install to help document
2011-01-07 07:00:23
estimate is installed, please re-install it once
2011-01-07 07:15:33
That help is that you can see that estimates your help is not great, look for a book it, the latest out of the electronics industry publishers, JB X's, down two, I feel pretty good.
2011-01-07 07:31:38
I installed the trial version
question is:
Can not parse file URL: jar: file: D :/ jbuilder9/doc / / jb_ui.jar ! / ui / tips / tips.html Can not load or parse the file system can not find the file specified.

prawn do not know what kind of help files, there is online help, as MSDN, like writing process more convenient
2011-01-07 07:40:51
possible versions which already does not include help documentation
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