Why do reporting system can not find the file specified

Category: Java EE
2010-12-31 08:52:50

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I am using the axis publish webservice.
Here is deploy.bat content:
set Axis_Lib = D: \ axis-1_4 \ lib
set Java_Cmd = java-Djava.ext. dirs =% Axis_Lib%
set Axis_Servlet = http://localhost:8080/wsdd/servlet/AxisServlet
% Java_Cmd% org.apache.axis.client.AdminClient-l% Axis_Servlet% server-config.wsdd

but the total reported:
Processing file server-config.wsdd
Exception: server-config.wsdd (the system can not find to the specified file.)
Will Big Brother guide! ! !

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2010-12-31 09:12:32
ah! I have this problem. Please enlighten heroes.
2010-12-31 09:34:18
resolved, and directly to the server-config.wsdd deploy.bat placed together, cmd this directory execute deploy.bat
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