Pagination problems encountered in sql statement, please come to see, thank you!!

Category: Web Develop
2010-11-16 11:27:17

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select count (*) from
(SELECT,,, t_cus_product.pdtypeid, t_cus_product.startdate, t_cus_product.enddate, t_cus_product.pstatus
FROM t_cus_product Inner Join t_products ON = t_cus_product.pdid Inner Join t_customer ON = t_cus_product.cusid) as page_t

blue portion out running without problems. entire run when it prompts :1060-Duplicate column name 'name'

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2010-11-16 11:37:44,, put this change it, followed by an alias, such as cname, pname, because you do not keep up with the alias will appear in a subquery two identical column names being given
2010-11-16 11:49:23
you first check select *
the select count (*) remove
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