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2010-08-20 01:37:56

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Please consider such a tool.

sp1 example, we have translated the user_guide (constituted by the html file).
when the need to translate the user_guide when sp2,
because in the end of the file where the change is not very clear, so
need to check all the files from scratch.

want a tool that can automatically file a consistent translation of the sentence,
copy from sp1 sp2, Rev. reserved inconsistent,
so that you only need to translate inconsistent sentences can,

please develop such a tool.

initial ideas:
analysis sp1 to create an English translation of sentences and Chinese sentences control library,
sp2 in check when consistent content automatically copied to sp2 Department.

personally think that difficulties following:
1. how to parse html file, remove html tags
2. how to establish a correspondence between the English and Chinese relations (translated Chinese There may not be in accordance with the order of English sentences, so that if the sentence as a unit interception English and Chinese are imprecise and inaccurate)
3. If the interception units of segments in English and Chinese, then how district Break? Another: parsing relatively narrow range ....

Consult solution ideas. thx!

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2010-08-20 01:57:53
I think the second and third questions:
you can think about it, the English relatively independent of one sentence or phrase or paragraph translated into the corresponding Chinese, will they compiled a number, establishing a correspondence between,

then you Search inside another sp2 original English, try to save your original
relatively independent sentences or phrases or paragraphs
as the standard to find.

For the first question, this should be a good model in your analysis before considering the matter,
2010-08-20 02:14:44
ideas are as follows:

html to remove , refer to the built-in HTML using the JDK packages can not meet your needs estimated

language translation of current technology is not a good deal with your second request
about the current level and development history, reference books artificial functions of the machine to understand human language related content

machines understand human language, Kingsoft translation if you can understand a sentence, it will be able to translate the sentence, and now

not mature part of the work completed by other means it
compare the English original work is completed on the good, can only do so

2010-08-20 02:36:02
use Diff tools or HTMLDiff tools
2010-08-20 03:14:25
difficult, think about
2010-08-20 03:46:18
not say it
mostly your understanding of the database
There are several commands is to copy the database file
there is a data structure that have tree
2010-08-20 04:07:03
concern ing .....
I am ready to write a small network battle game
we can give some advice?
landlord, borrow a little place :)
2010-08-20 04:37:19
Using XML to solve
2010-08-20 04:59:17
Leemaasn (he was ill this guy: P) I have considered the idea of Guo: By establishing a correspondence between numbers, first you have to know English and Chinese sentences relations between sentences, if coupled with numbers, so when you need to add numbers in the translation, which the user is basically impossible;

For the first question, this should be a good model in your analysis before considering things: ah, this is to say very right.
2010-08-20 05:14:21
Thank you for your participation, asked the manager, the manager recommended units of segments according to parse. Results posted!
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