Neighborhoods rmiregistry specific usage?

Category: Java SE
2010-08-08 11:36:30

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rmi server name is: myserver, binding 8097 port. Policy about java.policy file placed in the d: \ Next,
use the following command to register: = d: \ java.policy
Tip: Warning: ; JIT compiler "symcjit" not found. Will use interpreter.
security properties not found. using ; defaults.
system does not find the specified policy about files, and use the default. This command should I write?

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2010-08-08 11:39:51
start rmiregistry two ways:
at the command line:
start rmiregistry 8097
in the program in:
LocateRegistry.createRegistry (8097);

find the corresponding policy file:
program is executed, = file: d: \ java.policy
or = d: \ java.policy added to the JVM parameters.
java-classpath = file: d: \ java.policy YourMainClass
2010-08-08 11:57:57
This is the run java program with strategy, I would like to start-up strategy when coupled with
start rmiregistry 8097
system will be prompted to find a policy file, using the default policy.
2010-08-08 12:07:26
Use = file: d: \ java.policy Start Registry,
whether the command can be specified CLASSPATH, which does not require advance in the environment variable Setting CLASSPATH?
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