Struts path problem

Category: Java EE
2008-11-17 07:51:54

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Directory structure admin / nanmu.jsp

nanmu.jsp in action = "admin /"

profile is such
attribute = "nanmuForm"
input = "/ admin / catalog.jsp"
name = "nanmuForm"
parameter = "status"
; path = "/ admin / nanmu"
scope = "request"
type = "cn.somsoft.cms.struts.action.NanmuAction">

I submit to appear "HTTP Status 404 - Invalid path was requested"
address bar display is http:// localhost: 8989/CMS/admin/admin/ more a admin

but written in such nanmu.jsp the action = "" path is correct, and but the same 404 error, my head is big, is that such a thing Yeah,
struts path should be how configure these parameters in the end what is meant Well

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2008-11-17 08:13:09
struts to find the path attribute is the path behind, why do you write two admin

404 page not found, carefully check the path is really the right thing, is not more than a admin folder
2008-11-17 08:21:56
404 error is to explain your page does not exist. describes your configuration or the page in which there is wrong and you put path = "/ nanmu" then nanmu.jsp in action = "nanmu . do "try Oh.
2008-11-17 08:31:08

you look at your configuration file already more than a admin,, you try to remove it, because you're in your action which has been used admin / "
, so there will be such a problem,
his good here debug it, in fact, may be difficult, because the first is not executed to the content, so this is the early work, just be careful when configuring more like a
2008-11-17 08:47:57
path = "/ admin / nanmu"
here more than a / admin
2008-11-17 09:02:13

positive solution! ! ! ! ! Because you have submitted the wrong path
2008-11-17 09:13:56
to go to see your web.xml path
2008-11-17 09:31:10
<form action="">

in is to submit Where off

<form action="user.jsp">'d say is submitted to the user.jsp page, user. do not have this page Well
2008-11-17 09:43:22
agree on the third floor view
2008-11-17 09:49:51
prawn good:
brother first came fried to, that is csdn a good place, where it is one!
know these people, not know these places! !

these words endure for a long time and finally I want to say, when someone asked questions prawn will say trial try this, try that!
are some practical, no one has ever explained it all come from the principle!
Why, because most people do not understand the principle!
When we are happy, like to write like this, no one has ever considered why the! ! !

after a few years, you will be what level it! ! ! ! !
my rookie, where despise you ~ ~ ~

; like this dedicated to you these so-called experts! ! , You like a bunch of night disoriented people, never thinking, outrageous dashed forward, knocked down from another direction, and as a consolation! !
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