About fckeditor and jsp integration copied word picture of the problem, to be explain ....

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2010-06-12 01:22:10

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Fckeditor encountered in the project which can not copy paste from word picture, do not know you have not encountered similar questions?

Hope to solve the big brother who can not tell a solution. . Thank you in advance. . Shortly brother new to java, good thinking bitter solution still did not find the cause of the problem lies. . .

the same time I saw the inside javaeye csdn and editors do not paste images from the word, is not there a similar problem? can not solve ....

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2010-06-12 01:28:16

very old stickers, the landlord also long forget, even recently, research-related issues, careless search to say two bars.
far as I know , fck should not have this feature, you say can paste the picture from html only superficial, which is equivalent to just paste the image URL url Bale, of course, as long as access to the Internet can see the pictures on
this point facie source code to know. fck equivalent only html editor, no way resolve such threads as base64 encoded, (all coded text pasted into it are used to handle),
it is impossible to paste the encoded image (only Point uploaded to the server, and then use <img> tag to display), the other text editor is feasible, do not know a word, fck is not supported
resolution pictures encoded (or not support the Paste picture), at first I thought I could, quite a few detours, then those who want to avoid detours it.
course, the above is just my opinion, limited, error is inevitable, for reference only!
2010-06-12 01:30:28
Pictures have yet to see which is able to paste the past. First of all have to put it to the server, and then taken out from the server displays in there.
2010-06-12 01:43:19
can not be directly pasted pictures in Word. The images used are either from the Internet, this can be pasted; either local, it is need to upload to the server. Word of the picture to be saved locally and then upload.
2010-06-12 01:57:56
FCK itself does not have this feature, but you can add their own plug-ins, online to find a plug-in it, put the plugins directory below it.
2010-06-12 02:00:07
FCK does not have this feature, FCK plug-ins can not make such a function, which must be adjusted for Office API, you must write an ActiveX control is possible, this is how we achieve.
2010-06-12 02:17:02
Thank you. . . .
2010-06-12 02:29:42
this necessarily. . . fckeditor can paste the picture from the html is not paste from word inside. . . I guess it is not compatible with word fckeditor. . . After all word which has its own format. . . . This requires experts to answer. . I hope good luck to solve similar problems encountered Brother. . . Thank you for the top post. .
2010-06-12 02:34:10
wyuch, you wrote that you put activeX control sent me to look at it? Thank you!
QQ: 48062404
2010-06-12 02:53:34
run into problems with the same landlord.
online to find a lot of information, basically not available,
detailed answers under the expert can tell me how can
best open source fckeditor plugin can be downloaded appreciate it!
2010-06-12 03:12:20
brother is now also deal with this problem, can you give a brother Activex plug it? Thank you
[email protected]
2010-06-12 03:28:42
Recent projects have encountered this needs solving (java's) can give me a Activex plugin .... Thank
283371007 @ qq.com
2010-06-12 03:46:31
also send me a thank you [email protected]
2010-06-12 03:55:44
ewebeditor can be achieved, I use. net, it seems now the price is quite expensive , should not have, to be universal to do.
2010-06-12 04:04:43
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2010-06-12 04:15:50
do not know if you fck version of the problem? I also tried the fck
from the Internet is just beginning with the word word online can not
but because I learned from the Internet address of the picture is relatively small so it can
So I tried the word on the small picture copy paste can also
so it is not the problem, but after copying images are saved in the clipboard data: html / png and other forms.
Here is a description of this format URL:
Why do not the big picture, I look at my table because the type of property is too small to save the contents of the big picture, so I changed became a blob type, and then tried again on it.
then save the picture because we are in the database, copy the picture way to save.
course, if we are not saved in the database should be uploaded way. References in the text and then the img tag.
I just got these answers. Other situation is not clear. Maybe I will encounter new problems. Playing out to share with you.
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