Challenges master javabean problem

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2010-05-25 06:58:02

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property = "number" mainly on the sentence can not understand. Do not know whom is correspondence between feeling confused
----------------------------------- ---------------
int number;
public void setNumber (int newRadius)
; {number = newRadius;
Note: This is a variable is a number setNumber there is also a Number
------- -------------------------------------------
property = " ; number "is and the above method setNumber inside Number is correspondence between
still and variables are the corresponding

if and setNumber is the corresponding, but why Number of the first letter is capitalized
beginner and do not know

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2010-05-25 07:13:16
and int number where number is the correspondence. .
set and get methods after the letters to uppercase uppercase
As for why, you're going to ask people to write java, he is so required. . .
2010-05-25 07:23:33
This is JAVA norms, say that it is a routine thing.
no reason to tell.
2010-05-25 07:30:52
will finish above two opposite views, I do not know who should believe
2010-05-25 07:50:36
corresponding properties and methods.
ATL, etc., corresponding to a lot of places are not so, do not ask why ...... remember on ok, there is no reason.
2010-05-25 08:07:10
JavaBeans specification, you can automate some of your classes.
2010-05-25 08:16:20
JavaBeans specification there is little that is easily overlooked:

property can not be the second letter is an uppercase letter.

in the specification of this property is no corresponding get / set methods
2010-05-25 08:28:17

usually no one put a second letter capitalized it - | ,
baobao how do you think the avatar into this?
very character!
property is and the corresponding attributes, no attributes, but where's the method?
his value is obtained by the method of
2010-05-25 08:34:17
ah, such setQQ QQ corresponding attribute is not qQ
2010-05-25 08:40:49
I ; 7th floor that's a bit wrong, and then correct it:

[size = 30px] attribute name is the first two letters or all lowercase or all uppercase [/ size]
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