struts1.2 actionForm how to get the value of selected radio

Category: Java EE
2010-05-12 07:21:58

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ActionForm want to get in on the interface in the radio in the election of the value
property is sex (gender) type String interface that defines how

<td> </td>
<input name="sex" type="radio" value=" "/>
<input name="sex" type="radio" value=" "/>

just started so write but debug the next background get sex is a char array
how does the

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2010-05-12 07:41:26
attribute String sex
on ok
There is get, set method
2010-05-12 08:03:40
I was so set
2010-05-12 08:15:54
original garbled
2010-05-12 08:30:27
defined in the form inside a Char [] array, and then you can get in the Action char [] array values ​​
2010-05-12 08:42:41
in a form defined String [] sex; ACTION then in form.getsex [0], then You can get the selected value of the
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