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Category: Java EE
2010-04-25 06:13:15

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Company's software is developed using delphi, now for extensions, to use Java development, you can achieve better connections, how to achieve. Thank

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2010-04-25 06:26:04
depends on what functionality.
communicate what you have to say to be, that it is possible.
you say the GUI, or forget it.
2010-04-25 06:41:27
If it is not a big problem that application software requirements. If a bank or a securities software software, then re-do it down!
2010-04-25 06:57:13
interfaces and web services can be used to communicate
2010-04-25 07:08:44
basically want to reconstruct it, delphi and java are two circles do not take the stuff of pure language point of view or whether the system architecture, are not take the community
2010-04-25 07:14:40
is an ordinary one application system is not very complicated, is to manage membership, on the basis of the original add some features, how to achieve, you can say something specific.
2010-04-25 07:24:47
Which will give some advice there ah
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