struts path problem

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2009-12-23 12:34:06

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I have encountered in the development of a path struts question
problem is this
my project called CityManager
my. Jsp on CityManager \ WebRoot \ WEB-INF \ html \ ^ ; this directory has many folders, is based on a different function. jsp to classify and I advanced in your browser to CityManager \ WebRoot \ WEB-INF \ html \ login \ folder, a login page, enter submitted into the "List Page" there is no problem from the list click the "Find" button to return to this page after this time pictures on the page can not find it.
my forward is written
login where the action forward to the action
to the action in the big forward to the index
Click Find to big action in the forward to the index

<forward ; name = "action" path = "/ eepl / link = login" />
<forward name = "index" path = "/ WEB- INF / html / login / index.jsp "/>

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2009-12-23 12:39:20
struts and action in the path is a great concern in the path

you look at <forward ; name = "index" path = "/ WEB-INF/html/login/index.jsp" />
the inside of the action of the path,
and ; <forward name="action" path="/eepl/"/> this / eepl / comparison

If the length of the two should have been right, that should / *** / *** this.
2009-12-23 12:46:23
did not see out of it herself, Bangniding it!
2009-12-23 12:53:03
Pictures can not find a picture path problem. Path before you take pictures plus <% = request.getContextPath ()%> to be able to
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