img src value firefox resolve problems

Category: Java EE
2009-12-18 08:32:32

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Get a dynamic picture page url address, Chinese, such as: data \ 2009-02-20 \ We are a people 1.jpg
page wrote:
<img src = "<% = photo.getImgUrl ()%>">
<! - photo.getImgUrl () value is the data \ 2009-02-20 \ We are a people 1.jpg ->
no problem in IE,
but in FF under this address is encoded into url, such as: data% 5C2009-02-20% 5C% E6% 88% 91% E4% BB% AC% E6% 98% AF% E4% B8% 80% E5% AE% B6% E4% BA% BA1.jpg

on FF are not familiar with, I hope someone help answer, thank you very much!

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2009-12-18 08:39:58

System.out.println(URLEncoder.encode(" ","utf8"));
2009-12-18 08:49:30
Upstairs friends, how I did not understand what you mean?

img src value was supposed to be data \ 2009-02-20 \ 1.jpg We are a people, and I looked out of the page.

but in FF, the value of its own to carry out a src URLEncoder.encode (), the result is wrong, I try to URLDecoder.decode () does not work.

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