jsp regular expression problem neighborhoods brother beginner

Category: Web Develop
2009-11-30 12:34:13

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For example I want my phone number registration page can only be 11 figures how to write it in the jsp pages written in JavaScript or in java class to write it?

just written message board when a friend told me that JavaScript code can attack, I used to try really alert message box pop out, how to solve this ? How to write a regular expression?

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2009-11-30 12:46:07
on the page using js checks, as
<input TYPE="TEXT" id="sample" maxlength="11" onblur="check();"> 
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> 
function check(){ 
var reg = /\d{11}/g;
var value = document.getElementById('sample').value;
if (!value.match(reg)) {
alert(' 11 ');

after submission servers still have to check again .
2009-11-30 12:54:21
last less preceding code line

2009-11-30 01:00:44
javascript judgment in the foreground, java judgment in the background, doing hands ready, as the wording of the regular expression, lz can go online to search, a lot of!
2009-11-30 01:17:38
mostly see to understand, but not quite sure how to use.
2009-11-30 01:29:47
is not [0-9] {11} it

javascript and server sides do check ~
2009-11-30 01:40:56
Regular I probably have written expressions to see to understand, but I do not know how should I use, you can help me write a simple example that you
2009-11-30 01:50:14
Thank you very much I just want this
2009-11-30 02:01:09
\ \ d * {11}
[0-9] * {11}
both are okay
2009-11-30 02:10:48

plus * superfluous
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