Has anyone done the WORD copied into the text box when the process?

Category: Web Develop
2008-10-22 06:25:52

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Recently carried out a site which has a news release website background pages, mainly with reference to (or copy) the DISCUZ of
but recently other side there is a request, which is to directly copy the article in WORD go page by WYSIWYG mode when that iframe,
but also to retain the article font, it is best if you have pictures WORD document which then can automatically upload pictures published, I am the sweat ah. .
inside WORD copy into another web page which contains a lot of inexplicable Shihai style, these should be removed.
I really do not come, send a post to ask the experts who have been engaged in the. Give suggestions. There is a better source. . .

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2008-10-22 06:42:31
seems unlikely oh.

1. keeping the Word font formatting style in Safari can be done under, such as using CKEditor, but this feature as no where in Firefox, this browser-related.
2. picture, get a one manually upload it, should not be copied directly from Word to that in the editor.

2008-10-22 06:47:04
Branch John component library has, and I also can not pass you here, you go under the next
2008-10-22 06:49:33
fckeditor can spike
Picture it. . .
not handle
2008-10-22 06:53:56
fckeditor can achieve our project is to put before a word into html, then use fckeditor direct access to read, no problem
2008-10-22 07:13:01
online a large Heap excellent editors waiting for you to use, unless the egg pain, or do not write your own, it is recommended xheditor
2008-10-22 07:27:44
you this demand in the current technical conditions are more imaginative ・ ・
2008-10-22 07:40:44
fckeditor can not save pictures. .
now changed so that he chose to upload a word document or manually write.
If you upload it, the background using poi to parse, so you can be able to get out of the picture.
Haofan. .
Well, knot tie bar.
2008-10-22 07:50:01

FCKEditor now changed his name to the CKEditor, plug-in is needed to save the image, such as the use CKFinder or upload your own handwriting plug.
1. using CKEditor and CKFinder upload pictures, Flash, files, etc.:
2. Customize CKFinder upload pictures plugin:
2008-10-22 08:03:08
i can see home
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