Several questions about the IOC

Category: Java EE
2009-11-02 10:39:58

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1, on the inversion of control, who controls who controls what?

2, factory pattern is IOC applications do, What is the connection between the two?

3, if the IOC is to control the life cycle of an object, then the servlet servlet container controls the life cycle of an IOC application be considered?

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2009-11-02 10:48:53
before creating their own objects (new object out), it is now to create a container by the spring, which is the transfer of control
2009-11-02 11:05:42
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2009-11-02 11:18:47
, on the inversion of control, who controls who controls what?
control, I think it is, who is responsible for creating an object, directly or through a new configuration via xml, or whatever

2, factory mode is the application of the IOC do, What is the connection between the two?
and a related plant is responsible for creating objects

2009-11-02 11:34:47
1. determining said call control is transferred directly from your code new original object is written death processes. Now required in a class object types can mix --- in xml ready to transfer control to the xml on.
2. ico available factory pattern to achieve
2009-11-02 11:39:46
If a class contains a specific reference to another class then this class is dependent on him contained in that class.
If that class only contains static, such as interfaces, then this class is not included in the implementation dependent.

this control is transferred to the current class and not included in that class

2009-11-02 11:45:02
the third question, Some people considered it?
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