An annotated problem!

Category: Java SE
2009-10-27 08:58:39

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class A {
/ ** left left coordinate right ...... widht ...... height ......
* /
protected int left, right, width, height;
find javadoc generated comments left, right, width, height on both "left right left corner coordinates ...... widht ...... height ...... "
What if I do not write separate code, how to let the left, right, width, height condemnation?
Thank you!

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2009-10-27 09:01:11
java total of three types of notes:
first line comment :/ / This is the second line comment
Block comments: begin with / * and end with * /
like :/ * Note 1
* Notes 2
; ** / End
which block comments can also be embedded in-line comments.
third Documentation Comments: with / ** at the beginning and end with * /, documentation comments can also be embedded in-line comments.
is used as the javadoc documentation comments.

If you want to comment very little, little is direct line comment. And document the same as the above can only be written documentation comments
2009-10-27 09:31:37
javadoc is html format
support html tags such as <br> wrap
2009-10-27 09:54:15
What I want is left, right, width, height to condemnation!
and do not want to write:
/ ** left
* /
protected int left;

/ ** ; top
* /
protected int top;

/ ** width
* /
protected int width;

/ ** height
* /
protected int height;
think too much trouble!
2009-10-27 10:32:46
have that there is no direct way to generate documentation, and at the same wording?
2009-10-27 11:05:45
javadoc can not scan to the statement appears inside!
/ ** left
* /
protected int left;

/ ** top
* /
protected int top;
can add comments to generate documentation
and I write protected int left, top; notes no matter how I add are added into the generated document is not
2009-10-27 11:42:55
Are there any other way?
2009-10-28 12:11:11
that ye not too much trouble,
if I have a lot of protected int
it to be very long!
if you could add this function just fine!
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