Seeking a complete write to the database code examples sound and image, thanks

Category: Web Develop
2009-10-23 02:26:20

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Database MYSQL 3.23 (if you are using a database is not the same, but it can refer to, and thanks to)

sound file: c: \ a.wav
image file: ; c: \ b.gif c: \ c.swf

database table structure:

table test1

f1 ; int size (3)
f2 longblob

(the data entered, and storage is not used longlob type it? Actually, I do not know,)


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2009-10-23 02:41:41
I do not want to write the file path in the database, I want to complete the entire contents of its associated files, written in the database;

if, Write the sound the way the document does not write, you can write from the JSP interface allows users to sound good, as thanks
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