Struts in Action path problem

Category: Java EE
2009-09-22 03:33:40

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Always err on the action path configuration, has not been a deep understanding of

struts-config.xml is placed under WEB-INF and WEB-INF
should be placed in the root directory of the project , or on the WebContent root
action configuration path, as directly referring to the web application root directory

Sometimes it can be found under the root directory action, sometimes they need to go to the subdirectory. .

Which expert can speak clearly to this path problem what, I do not want to run into old not available

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2009-09-22 04:12:05
read tomcat container initialization part of the code to know
First, web container configuration files based on content (there is a configuration file to configure web app context root directory mapping) Initialize web app, struts is the web container on top of a framework, it inherits directly actionservlet httpservlet, he actionservlet the init () method to initialize the struts configuration file, the configuration file path can be specified in the web.xml file, the default location is the web-inf / directory
2009-09-22 04:43:18
(there is a profile configuration web app context root directory mapping)
Please indicate which configuration file does not seem to struts-config.xml, nor web.xml
2009-09-22 05:09:28
You can web.xml find the following content
< init-param>
<param-name> config </ param-name>
; <param-value> / WEB-INF/struts-config.xml, ... </ param-value>
</ init-param>
here is that you can use the configuration files.
2009-09-22 05:44:01
I also encountered the same problem
particular project has subprojects often encounter
sometimes index.jsp in subprojects to be used .. / to access
in another jsp file using / on the line
recently worked on two domain when it is in trouble when the
directed to the second level directory
not show all the pictures come out
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