In java copied from a specified word document into another word piece of content

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2009-05-21 03:33:24

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In java copied from a word document into another piece of content specified word, the contents of the specified include text, pictures, format, etc. Want to copy to another word in the original word with the content and format are consistent

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2009-05-21 03:52:57
public class Test2 {

public static void main (String [] args) throws IOException {

FileInputStream fin = new FileInputStream (" ./src/day4/a.JPG ");

FileOutputStream fout = new FileOutputStream (" ./src/day4/a_copy.JPG ");

byte [] arr = new byte [1024];

int i = (arr, 0, arr.length);

while (i! = -1) {
fout.write (arr, 0, i);
i = (arr, 0, arr.length);

fin.close ();
fout.close ();


2009-05-21 04:31:59
this is not possible, I want to take part of the word, not all. But thank
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